The Richmond
The Richmond
The Essentials
Cuisine American (New)
Location 615 Balboa St

(between 7th Ave & 8th Ave) San Francisco, CA 94118 Neighborhood: Inner Richmond

Map Unknown
Price Range $31 - $60
Established 2005
Yelp Rating 4.5
Michelin Rating N/A

The Richmond goes down as one of those restaurants easily classified as "neighborhood gems." The Inner Richmond may be known primarily for it's Southeast Asian cuisine, but if you venture off Clement you'll find The Richmond nestled unassumingly between a laundermat and some housing. Don't let its low profile fool you. Inside this gems cozy interior you'll find a seasonal menu teeming with gourmet Californian cuisine at reasonable prices.

Head chef John and his wife own the restaurant and make a commitment to upscale food and an extensive wine list at reasonable prices -- something you don't see very often in San Francisco. Cunningly hidden wine stores hide behind a wall made of wine crates. The restaurant holds about 45 patrons at most, so you're assured a quiet, intimate atmosphere where Chef John routinely comes out to visit and inquire about the meal.

If you're there in the right season don't miss the braised short ribs. Also a highlight is the foie gras served over french toast and accompanied by a glass of moscato.

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