Lying directly north of Golden Gate Park, "the Richmond" is bounded roughly by Fulton Street to the south, Arguello Boulevard and Laurel Heights to the east, The Presidio National Park and Lincoln Park to the north, and Ocean Beach and the Pacific Ocean to the west. Park Presidio Boulevard, a major thoroughfare, divides the Richmond into the western "Outer Richmond" and the eastern portion, called the "Inner Richmond." Geary Boulevard is a major east-west thoroughfare that runs through the Richmond and to downtown. The family-oriented area is known for its amazing restuarants, horrible weather, and high density of Eastern Europeans.


The district was given its name by Australian immigrant and Japanese fine art dealer George Turner Marsh, one of the neighborhood's earliest residents, who called his home "the Richmond House" after Richmond, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia.

Physical FeaturesEdit


The district was originally an expanse of rolling sand dunes. It was developed initially in the late 19th century.


Due to the neighborhoods proximity to the ocean and lack of any protection from mountain ranges, the Richmond is generally freezing.

Tourist AttractionsEdit


  • Burma Superstar
  • B-Star
  • Q Restaurant

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