Presidio Social ClubEdit

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Walk through the Lombard Gates and you're inside a national park where George Lucas' Lucas Arts is headquartered and there's an abundance of greenery. You will find a hidden gem - Presidio Social Club. It's just that - the perfect restaurant to be social whether it is Sunday Brunch on dinner. The place is always packed and there are views of the Golden Gate Bridge.

The cuisine is very much Californian and the drinks are unique. There is a long bar on one side of the restaurant and the opposite side is all windows, making the restaurant very bright and cheerful.

There's a daily feature in addition to their popular classics like macaroni and cheese, lasagna, and roasted chicken. There is the ever popular ribeye for two, which is served with your choice of two sides like smashed peas, chicken fried potatoes, and mashed potatoes.

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When it comes to brunch, you can sip a bellini while you enjoy their "El Presidio," which is a seasonal frittata of the day, served with mixed greens or their friend egg & bacon sandwich with cheddar cheese and mixed greens. Another favorite is the bay shrimp and spring onion scramble with avocado and toast.

Enjoy this unique setting with friends and family.

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