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Founded in 1999 by Mark Pinsukanjana and Bryan Yedinak, Modernbook Gallery specializes in modern and contemporary photographic art. In 2005, a publishing company was formed, MB Editions, publishing works by Fan Ho, Brigitte Carnochan, Maggie Taylor & Lola Haskins among others. The gallery also represents a select group of contemporary and emerging artists.[1]


  • Jamie Baldridge
  • Sky Bergman
  • Bill Bishop
  • Toiya Black
  • Ryan Bush
  • Brigitte Carnochan
  • Tom Chambers
  • Irina Dakhnovskaia-Lawton
  • Carol Beckwith & Angela Fisher
  • Francois Dolmetsch
  • Brian Duffy
  • Jason Engelund
  • Raven Victoria Erebus
  • Christina Florkowski
  • Sienna Freeman
  • Sara Friedlander
  • Jefferson Hayman
  • Fan Ho
  • Mary Daniel Hobson
  • David Hibbard
  • Jenny Honnert Abell
  • David Imlay
  • Geir Jordahl
  • Kate Jordahl
  • Robert Kato
  • Joanne Koltnow
  • Julieanne Kost
  • Claudia Kunin
  • Fred Lyon
  • Rachel Phillips
  • Tim Porter
  • Lou Raizin
  • Richard Stultz
  • Seiko Tachibana
  • Brian Taylor
  • Paul Thulin
  • Brent Townshend



Days Times
Monday Closed
Tuesday–Saturday 10:30am – 5:30pm
Sunday Closed


37° 47.268' N 122° 24.256' W

Modernbook Gallery is located at 49 Geary Street (4th floor), San Francisco, CA 94108.


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