San Francisco's Chinatown (in HD)02:51

San Francisco's Chinatown (in HD)


Contrary to what many may think, the Chinese American population in San Francisco doesn't just hang out in Chinatown. In fact, most Chinese Americans dread making visits to the neighborhood because of the bustling crowds and lack of parking. In case you're curious, here is an overview of places most Chinese American SF locals flock to for good eats and pretty much everything else.

Prepare to have your mind blown.



Yank Sing
Mayflower Dim Sum

Dim Sum at The Mayflower

and Ton Kiang are high profile names constantly dropped when you ask people in FiDi for a good Chinese restaurant, but frankly, there are a handful of other places that you can go for high quality dim sum at a fraction of the price.

Respectable dim sum places include the The Mayflower and Hong Kong Lounge. But don't feel like you have to stay within the confines of the city. Take a short drive to Daly City to the very popular Koi Palace--you will not be disappointed.

Pro-tip: Dim Sum is one of those things that you really have to commit to. You can't expect to go to a high quality dim sum place at 12:30pm on a Sunday and expect to wait less than forty-five minutes for a table. The earlier you go, the better. It also helps to be friends with the hostess.

Hole in the WallEdit

Hai Ky Mi Gia

Hai Ky Mi Gia

Chinese American locals don't discriminate when it comes to ambience as long as the food is delicious. San Francisco has countless hidden treasures. Don't be afraid to venture into the Loin for the local favorite, Hy Ky Mi Gia, which has the most delicious homemade noodles and lightning quick service. You can have the noodles in soup or dry, and pair them with a cup of homemade soy milk.


Despite all the cons of going to Chinatown


Shopping for Groceries: New May Wah (one-stop shopping) Chinatown still has very good bargains, but the mental cost of navigating through bustling crowds, crowded buses, and virtually no parking



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